The Benefits of Thermal Blackout Lining

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When it comes to choosing textiles for your home, it can feel like a minefield of choices. From deciding whether you’d prefer curtains or blinds, the all important choice of fabric and then the options of curtain style and lining. This is why we’ve made this process as simple as possible with a clear and easy ordering process meaning all you have to focus on is choosing your style.

We offer several options from interlined, sateen or of course blackout. Blackout lining is a popular choice for a multitude of reasons which makes it an ideal choice for homeowners looking to invest in a quality pair of curtains or blinds. 

Block out light 

As the name suggests adding blackout lining will ensure your room stays dark, blocking out any light that may have penetrated the fabric without it.

If you’re a shift worker, black out blinds or curtains are essential for getting good quality sleep. As well as those who need complete darkness to rest easily. Choosing this lining is ideal if you have an east facing window which receives the most light in the morning, especially during these summer months when the sun rises early. However you can also reap the benefits during winter when street lamps might be a hindrance to your sleep pattern. 

Save your pennies 

With electricity bills going up, it’s important to consider other options for keeping your home warm. Whilst we’re currently enjoying the summer weather, winter will roll around once again and keeping your home cosy and warm will be a top priority. 

On average, up to 25% of thermal energy is lost via the windows. Adding blackout curtains or blinds will dramatically reduce the energy lost meaning your home will stay warmer for longer, whilst saving you money on your bills. 

What are my options? 

We offer blackout lining on all our made to measure curtains, roman blinds and roller blinds. No matter what your style is, blackout linings work on all colours, not just dark, meaning you can let your imagination run wild and choose the fabric which works best for your space. 

Ordering is simple with our 5 step process, start your bespoke curtain journey here.