Choosing the Right Linings

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When choosing your Curtains and Blinds, the right lining is equally as important. It is helpful to keep in mind the functionality of your product – what do you want it to do?

Types of Linings

Sateen Lining is a 100% cotton material, perfect for keeping a light and airy space. Suitable for all rooms, where it is not so important to block out the light.

Thermal Blackout Lining designed not only to block sunlight, but to offer excellent thermal and sound insulation properties; thus conserving energy, dampening noise and saving money on heating costs.

Interlining is a Polyester/Viscose material, which adds another layer between your fabric and lining. This can be useful for helping to insulate, making it ideal for draughty area such as Patio doors.

Bonded Lining adds a luxurious drape and insulation. Our bonded linings help to improve body & drape. It is excellent for roman blinds and helps to create crisp folds. The higher density of the weave offers increased protection from the sun.

At The Fine Curtain UK Company we are dedicated to providing the very highest standard in handmade products, therefore if you require any further assistance in choosing your lining, do not hesitate to contact us.