Your Complete Guide to Pairing Curtains and Blinds

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roman blinds and bespoke curtains

When decorating your room, it’s easy to think of the big things first, colour scheme, furniture, where you’re going to hang that huge mirror you bought from a carboot sale; these are often the main elements of your design – but what about the soft furnishings? Dressing your windows right can be an excellent way to create a unique, standout feature in a room, and really emphasise the key features of your interior design style. 

Whether you’re searching for thick cosy drapes or light and breezy curtains, we can help you make the best considerations for your windows. Follow our top tips to complement your space with some top-notch curtain and blind collaboration.

It’s All An Illusion

Use curtains and blinds to emphasise your windows; Did you know shorter curtains can make a room look smaller and when paired with blinds will make your window appear crowded? To make the most of your windows, create an optical illusion with your curtains and blinds;  If you wish to make your window appear larger, install your roman blind above the window mantle and match your blind with long length bespoke curtains which reach the floor for the perfect, space enhancing, combination.

Don’t Fear Textures

Like a good meal, a well designed room isn’t afraid to incorporate a combination of different textures. Your colour scheme may be limited, but textures are a great way to add variety whilst keeping your colour palette clean. By using similar colours in different textures you can create a completely different feel to your room allowing you to create a centrepiece. Choosing a thick roman blind will allow you to choose a lighter fabric with your curtains for a bright and breezy aesthetic. There’s beauty in contrast so embrace it. 

Pattern Mix Like a Pro

Mixing patterns can be scary, but when it’s done right it can look incredible. Whilst this is a technique we would only advise for bigger spaces, mixing and matching prints is an excellent way to create a real statement in a room. Ordering fabric samples can help you scope out the feel of a room before you make your final decision. 

There are many formulas to help you confidently mix patterns, ordering fabric samples can help you scope out the feel of a room before you make your final decision. We offer up to 6 free fabric samples to help you bring your moodboard to life.


We all know accessories are the final touch to really bring a look together. Adding some  tiebacks will help add a more formal look to your decor. If you have curtains that will not be used functionally, why not add a tieback to each side to add that final element of sophistication and put-together-ness to your room? Why not add a bold curtain pole or tracks to really pull the look together?

If you’re looking to update your home, then look no further for your curtains for your window, with accompanying roman blinds. Order your free samples today to start your journey.