How to measure for curtains & blinds

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measuring up for curtains and blinds

If you’re looking to find out how to measure curtains and roman blinds then you’ve come to the right place, follow our simple guide to purchasing the perfect made to measure curtains for your home.

Measuring the window width

When measuring for new curtains and blinds use a metal tape
If you have a pole, measure the pole width excluding the end finials (from A to B, as diagram shows). If you have a track measure the total width (from C to D, as diagram shows).
When fitting a new track or pole, if possible, this should be fitted 15cm above the window and 25cm each side of the window recess (this allows for the curtains to be stacked back away from the window).
If you have a track that overlaps you need to measure both sides of the track and add them together. You must measure the pole or track and not the window recess

Measuring the finished curtain length

The finished length is the measurement from the very top of the
curtain to the bottom hem.
Firstly, decide on where you would like your curtains to fall, this is your bottom hem position. The diagrams show suggested lengths for both sill, and floor length curtains.
For curtains below window sill length allow 1cm clearance above the radiator and 1cm clearance above the carpets.
Always measure the length to the left, right and centre of your pole/track. Where the measurements vary, choose the length that suits best, ideally in whole centimetres.

For pencil and pinch pleat curtains
When using a track, measure from the top of the track. This is so that your curtain will cover the track when it’s drawn. When using a pole, measure from the eye on the curtain ring to your finished drop, your curtain will
then hang beneath the pole. If you require your curtains to hang from a different position on the track or pole then you will need to measure from that point to your finished drop.

For Eyelet headings
Firstly, measure from the top of the pole to your required bottom hem position, this is the eyelet drop*. Now add to this 3cm. (This is the amount of curtain above the eyelet hole), this gives your finished length.

How to measure for blinds

Inside recess

Blinds can be hung either inside or outside the window recess.
When measuring for your blind to fit inside your recess, it is advisable to measure (for both width and length) in 3 places top, middle and bottom just in case the window recess is irregular. Watch out for obstructions into
the recess, such as dado rails and tiling.
Then give the smallest exact measurement for both width and length of the recess with no deduction in millimetres.

Outside recess

Decide how much you want the blind to hang outside the recess. For roman blinds we would recommend 10 – 15cm above the window as this will allow for most of the blind to be pulled up away from the window this maximising the light.
For roman blinds you need to decide how far past the window you want the blind to hang. Most manufacturers recommend a minimum overlap of 5cm on each side.

TIP: Roman blinds should be as wide as the window sill.

Measuring for curtains and blinds doesn’t need to feel like a daunting prospect, feel free to download our guide here for more help. Or contact one of our friendly team for more advice.