How to style a bay window

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bay window curtain styling

Are you lucky enough to have period features such as bay windows in your home? If so, are you making the most of them?

Bay windows are most prevalent in Victorian homes, this is due to a regulatory adjustment to the Building Act in 1894. This meant windows were no longer required to be flush with an external wall and therefore could protrude outwards. This of course saw the introduction of bay windows as a common feature. Whilst bay windows did exist prior to the amended act, these tended to be built on mansions around the Renaissance era.

Whether your bay window is in your living room, dining room or even your bathroom there’s opportunities for turning that tricky space into a unique feature. 

Below we explore some options for your bay window. 

The home office 

Many of us are familiar with working from home these days and with remote working more popular than ever, having a space dedicated to your work is important to keep work separate from home life. The window is a great space to add a desk, with plenty of daylight and perhaps if you’re lucky – a lovely view. You’ll be more inspired than ever whilst working. 

It’s worth considering, however, if you do place your computer or desk in the window that this may be visible from the outside. Hide unsightly cables with cable tidies and enlist a good organisation system for any paperwork you might have. 

The reading nook

The bay window is an ideal space to snuggle into a comfy armchair or sofa and enjoy your favourite book. Add a bookshelf close by for easy access and a side table for your beverage of choice and you’ll be set to while away a few chapters. 

Accessorise with a throw and plenty of cushions to make the space feel extra cosy. Did you know we can supply you with your cushions of choice? Whether you want to match your other soft furnishings or if you’re looking for a clash of colours and textures we’ve got you covered. 

The window seat

The obvious choice for a window of this shape, is to create a bespoke bench for your window. 

Whether you’re lucky enough to find a bench that perfect fits your window or you contact your local carpenter to create your seat – why not consider adding additional storage space, whether you add cabinets or create a trunk like box to hide things away. 

Dressing your bay window is easier than you might think. 

Purchasing a curved pole means you’ll be able to hang the eyelet curtains easily. Alternatively you could consider roman blinds for each window. We’ve made it easier than ever to order curtains exactly to your specifications – simply input your measurements and we’ll create your blinds made specifically for you. 

Choose from a huge selection of blinds and curtains made to measure, and delivered to your door.