Our interior design trend predictions for 2023

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Every year you’ll see design trends come and go. Whilst some stay for the long haul, other trends fade away as quickly as they appear. As we conclude 2022, we look forward to welcoming a brand new year, and with that comes the feeling of starting a fresh slate. 

Whether you’re a homeowner who embraces change and enjoys dappling in the latest trends, or a traditionalist who prefers to opt for a timeless style. Interiors are just as unique as you and we believe you should be able to choose from a range of fabrics to suit both your home and personality. 

Bold and bright

With certain colours evoking different moods; why not take this theory in to your home? Carefully consider what colour, style and pattern you choose before using in spaces in your home as this can have a knock-on effect to the ambience of your space. 

Blues have always been a popular colour for the bedroom with its tranquil and serene energy. However, rich colours are expected to trend in 2023 with warm colours such as yellow hues seeing an influx in popularity due to leading companies such as Dulux naming their colour of the year ‘Wild Wonder’™ a tone which brings the feeling of nature in your home with a warm and calming vibe. However using bright bold colours such as pinks, reds and oranges are powerful colours perfect for entertaining spaces and will ensure guests feel invigorated and excited when in your home. Viva Magenta, Pantone’s colour of the year for 2023 is a perfect example of a colour which is powerful and empowering.  


Mixing mediums such as natural fabrics alongside natural and industrial materials such as metal and stone elements brings a contrast to the soft and strong to your space. Incorporating natural materials such as jutes, and textured linens also brings a calming effect, especially in larger open plan rooms. 

2023 is expected to see lots of woods and earth tones to counterbalance the chaotic world we’re living in. Creating a calming space that you can unwind in after a stressful day is key to maintaining a stress free environment. Using earth tones such as greens and blues as a colour palette, with natural materials is a great starting point.


If you’re more of a traditionalist then keeping things classic is easy with our large range of fabrics. Keep wall colours neutral to allow for art, textile and accessories to pop. Dark rich colours such as reds, browns and greens are plentiful when it comes to traditional fabrics – add matching tiebacks for that true classic look. 

Don’t be afraid to be bold, whether you do it with colour or pattern. 

Which trend do you lean towards? Will you be making any changes to your interiors next year? Whether you have a renovation on the horizon or just looking to freshen up your window treatment, it’s the perfect, cost effective way to give your room a whole new look.