Introducing, Ian Mankin

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ian mankin curtains

Introducing Ian Mankin, a quality fabric manufacturer founded in 1983. Dedicated to keeping the British textile industry alive, the company has been run by the same family for six generations. 

Ian Mankin fabrics are made from 100% natural fibres and are all weaved in their very own traditional cotton mill, based in Lancashire – the beating heart of the cotton weaving industry. 

Let’s take a dive into what Ian Mankin does best. Synonymous with ticking stripes, gingham checks, elegant florals and gloriously textured neutrals. Timeless designs are at the heart of the brand, Ian Mankin is instantly recognisable, with the effortless styles and palettes. 

Classic and refined 

Bring order and structure into your space with stripes. The styles can vary enormously; so it’s important to consider that horizontal stripes can make a room bigger, whilst vertical stripes are more suited to rooms with low ceilings and wide windows. With that in mind Ian Mankin is the perfect brand to choose if you’re looking for a classic striped curtain. 

You’ll discover a plethora of designs with a wide range of classic colours. 

Elegant textures

If you’re looking for longevity with your curtains you can’t go wrong with neutrals. Although neutrals needn’t be plain! Opting for natural linens, silks or wools create wonderful window treatments. 

Neutral curtains mean you might want to add a splash of colour with your curtains. Whilst we offer the option of creating matching curtains with every order, you could be bold with a bold gingham or timeless floral pattern. 

Timeless styles 

Forget loud in your face patterns, Ian Mankin tackles florals in an elegant and sophisticated manner. You’ll find bold damasks, to simple floral motifs, all coming in a range of soft naturals or rich colourways. 

Always the highest quality

Ian Mankin fabrics come in a variety of materials with cotton, silk, linen and wool to choose from. Material plays a huge part in how a curtain looks in your finished space. Characteristics of fabrics differ, meaning some work better than others in certain spaces. 

Did you know Linen is famous for its antibacterial properties. It absorbs moisture and is even moth resistant.

As always we promise only to use the highest quality fabrics, lasting durability and strong pigmentation are imperative when creating beautiful curtains. Ian Mankin is just one of the fantastic suppliers we have on our books which never disappoints. Search our range of hundreds of fabrics online today.