Every Cloud has a Thermal Lining

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thermal blinds and curtains

As the clocks go back and the leaves have fallen, it’s time to accept that Autumn is well and truly upon us. We’ve all started to notice the drop in temperature, so now it’s time to consider styling your home for the colder months ahead. It’s time to start bringing out the cosy throws, incorporating autumnal patterned cushions or even considering thermal curtains to keep your house toasty this season. 

What benefit will thermal curtains have in my home?

It’s said that 30% of heat is lost through a building’s window. Thermal curtains are the perfect way to combat this as they will help to keep the temperature in your home ambient. Whether it’s keeping the room cool in summer or warmer in winter, a good pair of curtains can help your property stay at a comfortable temperature, and help keep out those pesky drafts.

How does it work?

It’s really quite simple. Thermal fabric creates a thermal boundary between the air from outside and the room itself. Essentially the curtain traps cold or hot air between the window and the curtain, preventing it from moving around your space. In summer the sun is reflected back outside maintaining a cooler space whilst in the winter the heat is kept inside your room. 

How do I get the best out of my thermal curtains?

We know that installing curtains can seem like a very daunting task. We don’t mean to scare you but if you want to get the most out of your thermal curtains then installing them correctly is paramount. Our hack is: the more airtight your curtains are the better their insulation will be, install your curtains several inches above the top of the window and well below the level of sil.

If you want to further increase the efficiency, you could consider laying with blinds. Using a contrasting pattern or colour is a great way to add style.

Can I pick any style I want for my thermal curtains?

Every single fabric you can view on our site can have thermal lining, simply choose this option whilst creating your ideal pair. Creating your own tailored curtains means you can choose everything from headings to bespoke tiebacks. 

Whatever your style, we are sure to have a pattern for you. With hundreds of fabrics to choose from you can create your own curtains made to measure for you.